Impeachment letter to Senators

The following is/are samples of letters the reader can copy, edit, and paste when they contact their congressional representatives.


[insert Date]

Dear Senator [insert name],

Everyone in this country knows that this President has violated his ‘Oath of Office’ countless times, violated the powers given him by the Constitution, and even has committed several acts of treason. All of which are grounds for impeachment.

Likewise, everyone in this country knows that there are enough votes in the House for impeachment. With the change of the political winds, it appears more and more Senators are considering the possibility of conviction of impeachment in the Senate.

The question is:
With knowing everything this President has done to degrade his office and if the conviction of impeachment came to the floor of the Senate, how would you vote?  Conviction Y/N?

I’ m looking forward to your personal reply.


[Insert your REAL name]


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